What is Mastery of Play

Who is Allyson AV Johnson

Who is.

Allyson (Ally) AV Johnson is multi-dimensional practitioner in natural medicine, as a clinical nutritionist with an Ayurveda and Chinese medicine background and a western herbalist, and personal training foundation. She has also taken this background and business skills to developing a business consulting organization highlighting fair trade, organic farming, and indigenous education. This woman lives the life she practices. With a 22 year, clinical practice, and educational training and public speaking career both in North America and Europe. In addition, Allyson, has spent a life living it. All of which may very well have end at the age of 16, when Ally riding her bike was hit by a car. Much changed her promising athletic career, her educational path, and even her life trajectory. To land her in a health food store, and using natural medicine to build back her broken body, and spirit.

25 years later, a body that has taken her to some of the highest mountains in the world Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Kinabalu to name a few, dozens of marathons, 4 Ironman, 5 Ultra marathons and 2 back to back multi – day trail 300km plus trail running stage races ( transrockies and transalps) across high mountain terrain, and several countries. Presently and 3 x previous she has represented Canada as a world age group triathlete. In addition to being a double Guinness book of world record holder in ½ and full marathon events. All this from a young women that was told she would not walk again. Asked why her passion is so great for health and fitness, for natural medicine and living fully it all comes down to the fact that she knows what is like to have it taken away and the power of the nature, play and our bodies to heal.

Gratitude to this fact and a sense beyond herself that we are all connected in this world. Allyson has focused her career and athletics on supporting others. Spending time in Canada, Africa, Asia, and South America on various projects to both learning from the locals and supporting them in education, food, water safety, health, housing, and economics and business.

In 2017 As the sports ambassador to Friends to Mankind in the Sea to Sea Cycle to End Poverty, she cycled 7000km across Canada( raising 1.7 million ) to support poverty projects locally and abroad. 

By the numbers

Allyson AV JohnsonSports Ambassador Friends to Mankind

  • 2017 cycled across Canada 7452km from mile zero in Victoria bc to Cape Spear Nfld in 66 days raising 1.7million ( in Combination with 52riders) for poverty projects locally and abroad in the sea to sea ride to end poverty
  • Appointed Sports ambassador for Friends to mankind
  • 2017 set double Guinness book of world records for the most amount of people to finish a 1/2 and full marathon (112 total) linked together in 6hrs raising awareness and over $100,000 for MitoCanada
  • 13 marathon finishes - including 6 for the arthritis society and juvenile Arthritis singly raising over $40,000
  • 5 ultra marathon finishes
  • Only Canadian woman in 2015 to finish back to back ultra mountain marathon stage races ( transrockies 6 days 150km and transalps 8 days - 4 countries 300 plus km)
  • Finisher of love in motion ride and two tour for kids 1000km rides raising over $10,000 for youth in crisis and kids cancer care send a kid to camp
  • 4 X Ironman finishes under the MitoCanada banner “- do what I can for those that can’t “
  • Represented Canada in world champions as an age grouper 4 years in a row in both triathlon and duathlon in New Zealand, London, Edmonton and Ottawa
  • Successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the 5 salkante passes and Inca trail and mount Kinabalu Borneo working in humanitarian / microfinacing projects in each country
  • Sustainable growing lead Belize ( naledo Truly Tumeric ) current

Our vision our why

What is Mastery of play


To use PLAY as a transformational element of humanity. We see Play not as a whimsical element; but rather, an absolute must for creativity, physical literacy and imagination of our world.

PLAY - at its absolute mastery – is for us to move beyond using physical fitness in the traditional win/lose competition settings; but rather, into a construct where we use PLAY to re-define personal and world boundaries of what IS possible for all of humanity.

Our Why?

Why are we doing this? This opportunity to use PLAY as a transformational element of humanity. This is a chance for us to re-define the boundaries of what IS possible for all of humanity through the Mastery of Play. Our hope is that you will fund our efforts to support our vision.

Our vision is to raise funds and awareness for organizations that support children who are held back by physical, economics, or social / cultural restrictions. To defy all boundaries of physical, country, culture, gender, age, religion, science and to collaborate and use play as a source of unity and connection. We are dedicated to not just getting kids moving but all of us moving for those (most are children) who cannot, for whatever reason. This celebrates young people’s commitment to help others and to live PLAY as a transformational element of humanity – to celebrate all that connects us.

We see Play not as a whimsical element; but rather, an absolute must for creativity, physical literacy and imagination of our world.

It’s time for all of us to get moving. The secret to life is play

- Together, with our International partners, we want to bring together the top minds in rare disease research and move beyond the standard scientific boundaries to bring together a collaborative effort on research from different organizations in an effort to broaden the boundaries around the health of our children and rare diseases.

- Our focus will be to raise funds for kids held back to play either by physical, financial or culture means and to support sustainable environmental initiatives to have a safe and healthy place to play